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The Claryville Art Center opened with great fanfare in July 2014.  The building was originally a barn located in the front of the property. The barn was moved to the rear of the property in 2011 and was completely rebuilt into a two story art gallery large enough to host parties and events. The building has a full kitchen which connects it to the Claryville Brewing Company, a separate building still under construction scheduled for completion this year.

The Art Center is one of the most beautiful art galleries in upstate New York.  It houses the permanent collection of world famous Russian born American contemporary artist, Alexander Kaletski, including his Retrospective:  “Forty Years in America.

Anna Zorina, the owner of the Anna Zorina Gallery in Chelsea, New York City, is the curator of the Claryville Art Center. Anna coordinates her efforts between her own gallery and the Claryville Art Center which affords her client artists both City and Catskill exposure.

The Claryville Art Center will also be displaying the arts and wares of local artists and is available to host local events.


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Claryville Art Center

1471 Denning Road,
Claryville, NY 12725
Phone: (845) 985-0247

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